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Did you know that in Denmark students are paid for studying?



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The best quotes on Tumblr.


1991-1994 is the definition of “THE SHIT”

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A midget obese giraffe.

I’m having a heart attack


where have you been all my life obese mijaffe?

what is this.
what is life.

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fave tbh


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bur ger powered giraffe

Because running is hard and sometimes you need a rest. 

This is my little brother Alex, he is 13 years old.He was born with 5 holes in his heart, at the time the doctors didn’t realise that, they only told us there was one, so when they went to fix it his body couldn’t handle it and he had a stroke, he was legally dead for 5 minutes. the doctors told us that he would be fine and that the stroke wouldn’t affect him. they were wrong. Alex is now developmentally delayed, it took him till he was 5 to learn how to stand and until he was 7 to walk, he still cannot talk, go to the toilet by himself, dress himself, feed himself, do anything himself really. When he was 5 we found out that he had severe scoliosis which means that his spine was slowly twisting and that if we didn’t do anything it would eventually crush all his internal organs and he would die. We quickly got him wearing all different kinds of braces to help prevent his spine from twisting anymore he wore them for 365 days a year for 6 years. We then found out that they weren’t working.About 6 months after hearing this news we learnt that there was a brand new procedure being trialled which included putting a metal rod in his spine and over time slowly lengthening it and would hopefully eventually straighten up his spine. we were over joyed with the news that maybe one thing in Alex’s life would go right. when they were doing the surgery they found that he had very soft bones unlike anything they had ever seen before however they went ahead with the surgery. it took alex 8 hours to wake up after the surgery and during those hours it was the most emotionally stressful time i had ever experienced, the doctors told us that he might not wake upFortunately he did. The surgery was a success and after a couple weeks in hospital our little man returned home.We thought everything was going to be good now thats until we found out the he has to have another heart surgery because he is out growing the heart he already has. then about two weeks ago we found out that the metal rod in his spine was failing and that it was slowly undoing itself to the point where it could completely come out and pierce his skin.Alex is having emergency surgery tomorrow and the doctors don’t know whats going to happen, they dont know how to help him anymore, they are slowly giving up just like all his others doctors haveto tell you the truth this all really scares me, the thought of loosing my little brother, my bestfriend, my hero i cant even bare to think about itand still with all this going on his is little life, he still continues to be the happiest person i have ever met, the person who makes friends with anyone and inspires everyone he has ever met. he has the ability to make anyone fall in love with him with just one lookI love you more than the world Alex and i pray that everything will go okay tomorrow. <3